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As the founder, Gaudin-County is passionate about sharing dance with the world, and seeing it change and inspire individuals, like it did for her. She hopes to create meaningful opportunities for all artists and to create a legacy that will benefit individuals and communities from all walks of life by providing education and access to the performing arts.

Currently, Gaudin-County is developing a venue for proof of concept in New Orleans, Louisiana with plans to establish a New York location to carry out the mission of Gaudanse Inc. which she affectionately refers to as Maison Gaudanse (the House of Gaudanse) where artists from multiple disciplines may come together to network, educate and create in one space with access to affordable studio space, professional resources, education and accommodations.  Maison Gaudanse will have studios equipped for dance, musicians, vocalist, sound recording productions, film and photography, culinary arts, visual arts, writers, and theater professionals and pre-professionals.  Artists will have the opportunity to collaborate on projects and teach master classes and workshops that are useful to aspiring students of the arts and the community to explore cultivating experiences.


Located in the historic Tremé neighborhood of New Orleans, Louisiana, the future home of Maison Gaudanse Louisiana location, is undergoing a historical restoration.   The Treme' neighborhood is considered by many to be the oldest African American neighborhood in the United States.  Founded in the late 18th century by free people of color, Tremé remains an important cultural center for the Creole and African American citizens of New Orleans.  The current building is estimated to be over 100 years old.  It had been over run with vines, weeds, decay since before Hurricane Katrina devasted New Orleans in 2005 and previously operated as a hotel.  The property has been an eye sore, heath hazard and a haven for drug infestation and homeless people.  Gaudanse Inc. is bringing back a powerful economic engine to a thriving arts community.  The project will be completed in two development phases: Phase 1 - Main Building and attached dependency and Phase 2 - Detached Garden Room.  Many well known artist of yesterday and today grew up in Treme'.  Some of these same artists will become part of the fabric of Maison Gaudanse's community to educate the community and promote the performing arts. 


In the words of our Artistic Director, Imani Gaudin-County

Interview: At Maison Gaudanse's Future Home during Ground Breaking


Maison Gaudanse - Expansion

Gaudanse Inc - Mission

IMANI'S Advice to Artists

Maison Gaudanse - Concept

IMANI'S Idealism

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